Get an iPhone, for Less.

We know it costs more than an arm and a leg for a new iPhone. Save hundreds by buying refurbished with our 90 Day warranty for peace of mind.

Save, Save and Save

Avoid boarding the hype train. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by buying a perfectly functioning iPhone for a fraction of the cost just because it’s been in someone’s hands.

Peace of Mind

If you’ve been hesitant to buy refurbished, fear no more. We offer a 90 Day warranty on all iPhones to ensure that you don’t experience any surprises. 

Buyer (don't) Beware

Browse the cream of the crop of refurbished iPhones. All of our inventory are handpicked, deep-cleaned and tested to ensure we’re offering you only the best of the used.

Let Us Do the Work

Let us save you time and energy from scouring Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. We’ll do the heavy lifting and keep the best options for you all in one place.

If you’re still not sold, don’t forget that our 90 Day warranty is here to help you buy with confidence.

Don’t worry about battery health being lower than 85%. We’ll sell only fast, and great battery life phones. 

I Want to Sell my iPhone

We’ll pay cold hard cash for your iPhone.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy sale, click on the button below and we’ll reach out with a few questions and a quote.

Type of Refurbished Phone (Apple iPhones)

Day Warranty

“Pear has a great selection of iPhones and they ensured that I’m happy with the purchase all throughout the process.”

“Pear has purchased my iPhone immediately on the same day and I got a competitive price for my iPhone!”

“Their customer service was so good, that they almost seemed to bend over backwards to make me happy as a buyer. Recommended!”

Buy an iPhone Today!

We’ll make it super easy to get started on your journey of buying a refurbished iPhone. Contact us today!

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